Stand Mixers

A Few Words About Stand Mixers....
Tips For Baking Beautiful Breads
  • All of our recipes were tested using all-purpose flour. Bread flour can also be used. Most of these recipes call for shaping bread into a loaf and baking in a loaf pan. However, bread can be shaped into any shape and baked in almost any pan, just adjust your baking time as needed.
  • Bread rises best in a moist, warm environment. For a perfect place to raise bread, place bread in a microwave oven or regular oven with a pan of steaming water. Do not turn oven on, but close the door.
  • All of the yeast bread recipes were made using the dough hooks on Speed 6. When yeast is dissolved in warm water, the water temperature should be 105° to 115°F. This is usually very warm tap water.

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